Current Trail Conditions

We do our best to maintain between 25 and 30 miles of trails in our community.  That enormous challenge is done through volunteer efforts and the use of two club owned snowmobiles for grooming the trails.  We’re all out there to have fun, and safety is top priority.

Trail Conditions Report  1/26/2015

Grooming is suspended until more snowfall.  Dirt is visible in the woods.


Trail 18 Not Yet Fair Closed from Field Behind the School to Bowdoinham!!
Trail 20 1/1/2013 Good
Trail 21 Not Yet Temp. Closed Logging: Langdon to Plummer Road
Trail 22 1/1/2013 Fair/Good
Trail 25 1/3/2013 Fair/Good Rocks, Stumps, Branches
Trail 27 1/6/2013 Good
Trail 27/30 1/6/2013 Poor/Fair
Trail 28 1/3/2013 Fair/Good
Trail 29 Not Yet Fair Logging: Alexander Reed Rd. – Pipeline.
Trail 29/30 1/6/2013 Good
Trail 30 1/1/2013 Fair Logging
Trail 43 1/3/2013 Fair/Good


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Here’s what should be a current look at snow depths in Maine.

Statewide Trail Reports

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