Trail Signs

Below you’ll find a listing w/explanations of many signs you’ll see on our trails.
“The ..snowmobile orange signs are all positive affirmation that you are on the trail.  Orange signs are frequently used internationally for snowmobile trails. The yellow signs contain some kind of cautionary or warning message. The red and white signs tell you to stop, don’t go, or don’t do something, and they are regulatory in nature.”
This sign is used as a reminder that the trails are on private property w/the owner’s permission.  They’re also posted in sensitive areas where the trail could be shut down w/any abuse.
Areas where snowmobiles aren’t allowed
Trail Blaze signs reassure you that you’re still on the trail.
Identification sign that often have trail numbers.

This sign is often used to provide additional information and used in conjunction w/other signs.

This sign is helpful in finding valuable services such as food and gas.  Please support our business sponsors.
Caution signs are placed ahead of areas that require significant breaking.  They may list the reason for the caution.
Winding trail ahead…use caution and as usual… Stay To The Right!
The directional arrow is often used to mark a left or right hand turn.
The object marker is used to draw your attention to things such as the sides of a bridge, fence posts, or narrow passages.  The lines should point down and inward towards safe passage ways.
This sign is often 100 feet or more before the stop sign.  Commonly used at trail junctions or road crossings.
Stop signs are used at public and private road crossings, as well as railways.



ATVs are not allowed on snowmobile trails(see Law §13107).  Our trails are maintained with funds from the Snowmobile Trail Fund.  You may Not ride our trails unless that use has been authorized by the landowner or the landowner’s agent, or unless it’s case of an emergency involving safety of persons or property.

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